Property Assistant UK

About Us

Our unique approach to selling property makes us one of the highest performing agents locally consistently recognised by GetAgent as the fastest-selling agent - and also the agency achieving the best prices for our clients.

That’s something we’re immensely proud of. But there’s actually more to our story.

Facts and figures are great but our ethos is all about the bigger picture.

We started Property Assistant in 2014 to challenge the perception of estate agents as self-interested and disingenuous, by taking a different approach.

How? We focus on the people, as well as the property.

What makes us prouder than statistics, is the long-term (sometimes life-long) relationships we build with our clients. We guide them through a complicated industry, with minimal stress. And we limit the number we accept so we can go deeper with the ones we work with.

We know that every sale is different, so we take time to understand the personal reasons for the sale, as well as the inconveniences selling your home can create. To make the whole process less stressful, we prioritise learning about the unique needs of the individual or family - what they need from us and the expertise we can provide.

We really get to know the property too so we can secure the best price. All of our marketing materials are bespoke, with impressive professional photography and high-calibre production. There’s no shoe-horning clients into an ‘off-the-shelf’ strategy. Your home is unique and how we market it will be too.

That’s why we’re one of the highest performing agents – as well as one of the nicest to work with.