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Preparing your Property for Market

Preparing your Property for Market

Deciding to sell your home is a big step and we’re thrilled to have been trusted with helping you find a buyer for your home and to assist you with your next move. You can be assured that Property Assistant will do everything we can to market your home and find the right buyer for your property.

Whilst we focus on getting floorplans, organising an EPC and putting together the Sale Particulars, we would ask that you consider the following guidance on how to get your home ready for market.

Before the Photographer Arrives

High quality professional photographs are a key part of the marketing service provided by any estate agent and as the primary way that many buyers will first see your home, it is essential that the property is well staged and prepared.  The best photographs are from tidy homes and gardens, with good lighting and no vehicles on the driveway.  Clutter free surfaces, polished mirrors and windows, immaculate bedding and a mown lawn all make a difference!  Show your property off to its best potential so that viewers can envisage themselves living there.  They want to be able to see the fixtures and fittings and imagine their furniture in the available space.

There are very few homes that we see that come to market where a redecoration is required and, in general, buyers can see past the interior design of wallpaper, the colour of paint and floor coverings. However, in our experience, neutral homes fare better when it comes to selling, therefore in some circumstances, a coat of paint in a few rooms can make a good deal of difference to how long a property is on the market.

Just remember that these changes are a temporary stage in what should be a means to an end. The better your home looks in the photographs, the faster you should secure a sale and the sooner you will be able to find your next home.


(Image taken from our property listing Fairway, Arborfield)

Preparing for Viewings

Once your marketing photographs have been taken it can be tempting to return your home to its pre-existing state, however, this is a great time to start de-cluttering and packing items you want to keep but don’t use regularly and disposing of those you no longer have need for, in readiness for your move.  Remember that whatever you sort out now is one less thing to pack before moving day!

Once you have potential buyers lined up to view your property, the same guidelines for the photoshoot apply to the viewing stage. Buyers are likely to be more forgiving of seeing a home ‘in-use’, but your home should be as free from clutter as possible, and it should also be clean. The major difference with viewings versus photographs is the additional scrutiny that your home will get under the keen eye (and nose) of a prospective buyer. It is a good idea to ensure that your home is well-aired before viewings, particularly if you have pets, and remember to get all those odd jobs done that you’ve been meaning to do for ages!

Be aware that buyers like to look inside fitted cupboards such as those in the kitchen, under stairs and in bedrooms. As a result, your attempts to de-clutter by hiding things away may end up being a barrier to a sale. If you give any impression that your home does not have enough storage for you then this will also apply to the people considering buying your home.


(Image taken from our property listing on The Terrace, Wokingham)

Giving Your Home Kerb Appeal

As we’ve mentioned above, the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior and, in some ways, more so. When potential buyers view your property the outside of the home will be the first thing that they see and, as we know, first impressions count.

Kerb appeal is also an important way to maximise the potential of passing traffic that may see your ‘For Sale’ board. At the same time as noticing your home is on the market, buyers will be looking at the general condition and appearance of your property.

Selling Your Home with Property Assistant

Property Assistant is always honoured to be trusted by any family to be a part of their decision to move home. We know that it is not only our job to find your property a good buyer at a great price, but to offer you professional support and advice throughout the whole process. We have helped hundreds of people, just like you, to sell their property and find their new dream home. During the process, we will give you as much (or as little) help and advice that you need to secure a sale, so never be shy to give us a call to discuss your plans; we’re here for you!

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