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Springing into Summer - Top 5 cleaning tips for Tenants

Springing into Summer - Top 5 cleaning tips for Tenants

I don’t know about you but the Spring did not feel very Spring-like to me! The weather was still miserable and I didn’t get that usual buzz to get ticking those jobs off of my deep cleaning list. Now we are almost at the end of May and the sunshine has finally arrived, I’m raring to go and ready for action! There is something about this weather, that makes you want to get everything organised and give everything a good scrub. Below, I’ll list my top 5 favourite jobs to do to celebrate the new season.


1. Window Cleaning!

The first job I always like to get out of the way when the sun starts streaming through is a good old window clean, not a job I love and I can never seem to get ALL of the smears out. I’m sure you’ve heard of all of the methods, brown paper and vinegar, polish, washing up liquid and soap, the list goes on but once you’ve found one that works for you, go for it! Afterwards, with your aching arms, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking out and seeing everything in technicolour again! Don’t forget to give your frames a good wipe down, I love to use diluted zoflora so the rooms smells lovely.  I’d love to hear your tried and tested ways to get them sparkling!


2. Cobwebs! 

Why is it that you can only see them when the sun comes out? I likely to use my big fluffy duster and get into all of the little nooks and crannies you can find and I always make sure any uninvited lodgers AKA Spiders I find are released into the wild!


3. Deep Clean the Sofa!

 If like Liz and I you have spent most of the winter cosied up on the sofa under blankets with snacks whilst watching Netflix. Now is a great time to get those cushion covers stripped off of the sofa, washed and left to dry on the washing line. Then give the base, behind and underneath the sofa a good hoover. I’ve then seen this really great hack online where people are soaking a cloth in hot water and fabric conditioner and then tying the cloth around a saucepan lid and wiping it over the fabric, a great way to catch the remaining dust and makes it smell divine!


4. Skirting Boards!

Time to get down and dirty with your skirting boards. I like to use a damp duster first of all and then use a cloth, hot water and fabric conditioner and hot water and get scrubbing. Be careful to avoid the paintwork above though!


5. Garden!

Cheers to a long summer of alfresco dining! It’s a British thing apparently that as soon as the sun comes out, we light the bbq. Don’t be caught out! Make sure you’ve checked it’s clean and ready for action, then move onto the garden furniture so that your family and guests have somewhere to relax. Finally, nothing says spring/summer like some nice bright flowers, so head on down to the local garden centre to pick up a selection of potted plants. If you’re like Julie, you will already have sown seeds or planted bulbs and will be seeing them shooting up now. If you’re like me, Petunias are very low maintenance and won’t die on you if you don’t water them for a day or two.. We love a trip to Henry Street Garden Centre in Arborfield to stock up (bonus is there’s SO much cake in the coffee shop to replenish your energy!)

So there we have it, a few jobs that make a big difference! I always love a list, so I think it’s a great place to start. It’s also a great opportunity to listen to those podcasts you haven’t gotten around too or catching up on the top 20 songs in the charts.

We would love to hear your best hacks and tips and don’t forget to share any pictures with us of your homes ready for Summer, we can’t wait to see them!

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