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Spotlight on Property Prices for April 2023

Spotlight on Property Prices for April 2023

This past month we are seeing the market confidence continue to improve.  


Although there are economic factors that are restricting further growth and a slower pace in the market, normal activity much like pre pandemic 2019 is happening. 


Agreed sales volumes nearly match March 2019 now although things are a little less frenetic, and the property media are building things back up and warning buyers to not wait around too long. 


Homes are selling 12 days quicker than they did in 2019. 


Although its harder for first time buyers to enter the marketplace, the sector is 11% higher in activity than it was in the same period in 2019, illustrating the strong desire to own property, understandable given the competitive rental market and soaring rents. 


With falling mortgage rates over the past month through lender competition, many more buyers expected to return to the marketplace as well. 

Below is a breakdown of the local property prices for this month across the local area.


There has been an 87% increase in the number of semi detached properties for sale in RG2 since April last year, as well as a 3% price increase, with semi detach properties now selling for an average of £450,000. 

One and two bedroom properties have also risen in price although sales seem to be slower in these smaller properties compared to larger family homes.


Recent reports confirm the majority price increase in the RG5 postcode was for two bedroomed properties and the average sold price in the area was £367,500, up 41% on last year.  

Interestingly though Asking Prices have fallen by 16% for terraced properties in the area


Average House Price increase in RG6 slowed from 14% in March to 6% in April

Recent sales figures show that the biggest increase in price however was amongst two bed properties, up 10% from last year.


Properties prices in April in RG12 are a mixed bag compared to the same time last year.  Overall, three, four and five + bedroom houses have decreased in price, whilst one and two bedrooms have increased.  Interestingly as well, the market has seen a large increase of terraced properties and semi detached houses for sale over the last 12 month period as more and more people upsize.


Property Prices in RG40 rose on average4% in last 12 months as opposed to 8 % average the month before.

If you live in a Detached property locally, recent Sold prices are still up (similar to last month) 11% over the past year with the average sale price now being £775,000 (up from £700,000 during the same time last year).

However, larger 5+ bedroom homes are seeing a slight decrease in price, down 12% from last year.


Overall, asking prices in RG41 in April are up 17% from the same period last year, with an overall average price of £525,000.

One bedroom properties have enjoyed a 33% increase in asking price and a huge increase in on market presence. Larger properties with five or more bedrooms have also seen a staggering increase in on market presence of 200%.


Overall, prices in RG42 were up 17% on the previous year, with the majority of the increase amongst one bedroom properties Selling for an average price of £385,000. Semi Detached properties have seen an increase in on market presence, whilst terraced homes have seen a recent reduction in price.


Property prices continue to rise in RG45 with a 22% increase in asking prices compared to April 2022

Detached properties in RG45 have seen a 12% increase in asking price, whilst four and five bedroom homes have also seen an asking price increase of 21%.

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