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The top 3 reasons why switching estate agents might just be the key to getting you moving sooner

The top 3 reasons why switching estate agents  might just be the key to getting you moving sooner

We made our name by selling on-the-market homes other agents couldn’t – quickly, and without changing the asking price. How can we help you, too?

3 Reasons to Switch Estate Agents… Now!

So you don’t miss the market uptick

Since the start of March, the local market conditions have been hot! In March, our viewing numbers increased for each listing, and looking at the diary over the next few weeks, it remains high. You may think this is a reason NOT to switch estate agents; however, when new buyers come into the market, they often disregard those homes that have been on the market for a while (often over 3 months) in favour of those that are brand new to the market.

In short, nobody wants the house that nobody wants.

As the market starts to heat up going into late spring, taking a break of at least a couple of weeks, before coming back to the market as a brand-new listing, will give you a big boost and increase your chance of attracting a new, motivated buyer.


To avoid ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy’


The ‘sunk-cost fallacy’ trap may find you hesitant to switch estate agents, just in case you miss a buyer.  On the contrary, by not switching estate agents at the right time, you may continue exposing your home to a lacklustre reception that will, over time, devalue its worth.

In our experience, re-launching unique homes strategically after a break means that they look fresh, incite new interest, and ultimately sell for a higher price.


To get the result you need to move on with your life

Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve taken on many homes that other local and national agents had failed to sell. On these, we’ve achieved an average sold price of 98.2% of the inherited asking price.


“Why has my home not sold?”…

It could be one of three reasons:

It’s stale (see point 1 above)

•        It’s undermarketed/overpriced – or a combination

•        The timing was wrong

Worse still, it could be a combination of all three reasons.

But don’t despair – you just need the right sale strategy and the best agent on YOUR side.

So let’s have a chat. We’re not the right agent for every home, so let’s find out if we’re a good fit.  

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