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Lets Look at What is Actually Happening in our Local Property Market

Lets Look at What is Actually Happening in our Local Property Market

Your home is special, it’s unique and all your friends love it – what’s not to love?  However, now you’re actually on the market, it all seems a little quiet….

It’s a story we hear all too often at Property Assistant so I thought I’d see if we can help you to get moving.

Let’s look at what’s actually happening in our local property market…

 It’s an interesting market at the moment here in the Wokingham Borough area, with a clear pattern emerging:

The same homes that would have flown off the shelves last summer at their current price points are now sticking on the market

Current buyers are taking longer to decide on their next purchase and are much more reluctant to view homes they deem ‘over-valued’ (or as we say, under-marketed)

Fewer properties are going to ‘best and final’ offers, where properties were regularly selling for 10% over the asking price, resulting in lower sale prices

Whilst the property market is still strong because demand is still greater than the supply of homes, the tide IS starting to turn.

Data from Rightmove indicates that the market is still stronger than the year before the pandemic

 Homes which are marketed to a world-class level are enjoying much higher levels of interest from qualified buyers

 If your home sells, then great.  But if your home DOESN’T sell, then what?

You can change the asking price, and risk throwing money away.   You could change the décor, but that could take time, and where would you start and finish?  You can take a break, and hope you have more luck next time.

Or you could roll the dice and change your estate agent

Because, as I’m sure you are fully aware: there is another way!  Selling a home for the price you need and in the timescale you want is a challenge, especially in the current economic climate.   But we’d like to prove to you that it IS possible. With the right strategy.

We understand property and we take the time to understand the best type of buyer for your home.

This means we can then create the plan your home needs and deserves, with a clear marketing approach, asking price strategy and specific presentation theme. Only then can we 100% ensure that your home appeals to the buyer who is most likely to purchase it.

We’d love you to take advantage of what’s left of this sellers’ market, so your home doesn’t languish on the market long after the buyers have bought elsewhere